About the Film
The film uses the technique of charcoal animation to show in a sensitive way how the lives of two couples are affected by borders.

About the Director
Alice Bohl was born in France. After studying at the Fine Art School of Marseille, she specialised in animation at EMCA-EMCI in Angoulême. There she directed "Printemps (Spring)," "Qu’à un fil... (By a thread...)" and co-directed "Kuri" with Mélanie Prunier. After graduating she directed the short animated film "Pirogues" for Barley Films and Les Fleurs Sauvages.

Director Filmography:

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Student Films:
Printemps (Spring)
Qu’à un fil... (By a thread...)

Professional Films:

(1’34), 2005
(5’46), 2006
(5’00), 2007
Co-directed with Mélanie Prunier

(6’51), 2008



Alice Bohl

Alice Bohl, Mouni Derra,
Guillaume Fournier-Bidoz,
Barnabé Koala, Zalissa Zoungrana

Original Music Composed and Performed by
Francisco Billaud, Anthony Dagnas,
Paul McElhatton,
Barnabé Koala, Nicolas Pierre,
Zalissa Zoungrana

Recorded and Mixed by
Guillaume Fournier-Bidoz

Recorded at
Lycée de l’Image et du Son d’Angoulême
Thanks to Frédéric Breuil

Barry O’Donoghue

Alice Bohl would like to thank:
Bruce Krebbs, Orla McHardy
Marie-Pierre Micas, Louise Bagnall
Padraig Fagan, Eimhin McNamara
Celine & Keith Brennan
Audrey Spiry, Geneviève Dumortier
Aurore Sanguinetti, Guillaume Fournier-Bidoz
Karine et Barnabé Koala
My family and friends

Special Thanks to
Matt & Ruth O'Donoghue
Florence Brument & Barbara Henkes (Filmbase)